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Horror OC Reference: The Black Trumper by Lamentine Horror OC Reference: The Black Trumper by Lamentine
[Status] Don't Use Artwork by Gasara

Get my permission by youngguardianI worked hard on my OC by IvyDarkRose

Older References:… (Oldest)……


Stories:  Patches (Part 1)
1: Patching a New Pal 

In a world so bland, some wish to find a world much better than their own. Well, there is a way to find one. If one goes down deep into the woods of olde, they will meet a man in a black waistcoat with a top hat. A man much stranger than the ones of norm, but worry not - he's friendly, not evil. He invites those who are lost to stay in a fantastical world of his creation. A place where those who do not belong in such a boring world can be themselves and free. "So come, children with your smiles so wide. Come stay in a magical world where all your dreams become real. Come meet Mr. Needlework, the man of surreal."

The celebration had just begun and the performers were putting on their best show. There were two of them – a black rat and a chocolate-colored hare. They were made of felt and each had two button eyes, two hats total on their rodent heads, and two floppy ears on each side. The hare held a single card on an engraved si


Full Name: Raven Needlework

Meaning of name: Raven (Because he literally is a raven) and Needlework, since he has a knack for sewing and patching objects together, like the animal's costumes and the hat.

Nickname(s): Raven, Trump

Creepypasta Name: The Black Trumper

How Did They Get This Name and Why: His entire premise was based on the Black Plague and mad hatter's disease. I used the name 'black' from the Black Plague and 'Trump' from Trump cards, finding the nonsense word, 'Trumpery' and changing it to "Trumper" and using it as the monster's name.

Gender: Males (The Main Entities that inhabit and control the body)

How Long they've been around together: 668 Years
The Demonic Bird: 5,607 Years
The man who died from the plague: 695 (Was 27 when he died)

Date of Birth: March 18th 1346

Place of Birth: Great Britain

Race/Species: Intertwined Entities

Native language: British English

Languages spoken: British English

Orientation/Sexual Preference: Celibate 

Backstory (Rough): There was a pile of burning bodies from the Black Plague. A man who had lost one of his children and his wife to the Black Plague was one of them - he couldn't move on because one of his children was still alive. The Black Trumper, a birdlike demon who had been cursed needed the souls of humans to survive or he would die came across the burning bodies and if he as so as much jumped into a lake or got into a downpour, his body would disperse and he would die. He was cursed as to that anyone who came near him would die of a deathly disease and anything that breathed oxygen would suffer from it. He'd absorbed the souls of the dying (people who were still barely live, but considered as good as dead) and the will of the man to protect was so strong that he gained conscious and conjoined minds, thus sharing the body with the Black Trumper. The Trumper was furious about this and demanded that he'd leave his thoughts. The man promised to leave as long as they made sure that his son was safe. After the agreement he went to go see his son in human form. However, with the new mind attached to his, he couldn't contain the form and the soot leaked from him, giving his son the disease and causing his death. For a while, the Trumper didn't hear from the man and he was content. He remained in his own dimension for a few months (he doesn't need human souls often). Meanwhile, the man was troubled about his son's death and lost his sense of mind. His mind was still conjoined with the Trumper's and the Trumper suffered from the man's delusional thoughts as well. Eventually the two minds became one and they spoke as one. The Trumper and the man, no long in control of their own mind, became completely in fear of the world. The man's mind didn't want to see more people suffer from the disease, while the Trumper wanted to keep himself alive. The conjoined minds finally decided to find those wandering near the woods and invite them into the dimension and kill them there. However, they would almost never leave their dimension for any other reason.


Phobia(s): Water

~He refers to himself as 'We' since there are two in control.
~He tends to play cards with his victims if he’s in the mood, he uses the leftover skin from his victims to line the inside of the hats he creates for himself, but never keeps the same hat for long. The hats he creates always look the same as the other. Maybe he just enjoys making them.

Powers/Special Abilities: 
~He is the creator of Velveteen Patchwork. 
~He can turn animals into creatures like her, however he only made her and two others, the rat and the hare, as it greatly drains his energy to make others like him. Over time, this has weakened him with each creature that he creates. Velveteen was the last one he made.
~He has two forms - a humanoid demon and a raven, but however, most of the time he cannot change his yellow eyes when he's trying to fool people into thinking he's a true human. If he's lucky, he can make them green. He also has an issue with his true colors appearing on his more realistic human form.
~The original Trumper created a plush dimension for himself to shield himself from the rain. He can change it however he pleases, usually keeping it plush themed. He doesn't let outsiders into the dimension outside the single room. He fears that if they touch anything on the outside that the world would collapse in on itself. It's a part of his paranoia.
~He can open his dimension with the sharp end of his staff in any tree as long as he and his victims can fit through it. The tree dies after. (This works on anything else that is living, but trees are simple for him...and less bloody.)

ABILITIES (Borrowed from my friend, GhostfaceNikol. Seemed like an interesting thing to use.)
Strength: 10/10   •Smart: 5/10  
Agility: 4/10       •Tough: 8/10
Speed: 6/10       •Patience: 7/10

Pictures of the Dimension:………


Height:  6’’ 4’

Weight: 203

Hair color: Black/Brown

Hairstyle: Ponytail hair down

Eye color: Yellow

Skin: Dark Grey/White

Clothing/Style: He wears a green undercoat, a black and green overcoat, black pants, black top hatThe hat has a feathers, and a light green ribbon attached to it.

Scent: He smells of a strange ash

~He doesn't necessarily carry a weapon. He usually will change to the halfway point to kill (part soot/part bird). If he gets into a big fight or has been really angered, he will become the Trumper bird.
~The staff (he uses it when he gets cranky. It has no other use than to bop people on the head, although he could very well use the sharp end to open a portal inside the person, but will he do it? Unlikely. He's doesn't like spilling unnecessary blood and he absolutely doesn't want it on him.)

Physical Disorder/Disability: He limps around/has a strange walk. The human body is uncomfortable for him.

Never Seen Without: His hat

Other: His true form is the Trumper Bird.


~He’s quite a strange character. He’s normally calm and you can’t see the mad undertone at first. He has a tendency for outbursts though.
~He’ll say weird riddles and phrases that have no meaning and yell at anyone who tries to solve them, telling them that they’re wrong. 
~He has a tendency of taking other’s space. 
~He doesn’t care about humans in general and just sees them as a way to keep him alive, but he enjoys playing card games with them when he gets a chance. 
~He loves his two performing animals, the rat and the hare. He refers to them as his ‘darlings’ and flower names. However, he despises Patches for her sudden disappearance.
~He will call children after different types of flowers (whilst using alliteration). Examples: "Peppy Poppy." "Shining Sunflower." "Radiant Rose." "Vibrant Violet." However, adults and teenagers, he does not. He will use their first name if he knows it, otherwise he'll just call them all Pep. 
~He can take a slight liking to a human if they wins his card game

Likes: Card Games, his darlings, interesting humans

Dislikes: Patches, normal humans, water

Most Prized Possession: His darlings

~If too much water (the curse only effected pure water, not blood or anything of the similar sort) is poured on him, that piece of him is weighed down and falls off. It is no longer functional and detaches. This can kill him. Punctures in the solid forms can cause leakage and souls will slowly start to leak from his body.
~ The longer he goes without eating souls, the smaller he gets.

Pet Peeve: When things or people look ‘out of place’

Worst Way To Kill: 

Method 1: If anyone gets too much of his dust into their lungs, they get a rapid sickness similar to the black plague that lasts around a painful half hour before they die.

Method 2: If the child refuses to go through the portal, he tries to get them to watch them in the woods instead, and if they proceed to disagree, he kills them without further questioning.

Best Way To Kill (how they kill): 

The rat and the hare are dressed up stuffed animal costumes (like patches the rabbit had) and they lure the gullible deep into the woods where they meet Trumpery. Trumpery then talks about a performance that he would like to show him/her. The two critters are talented and enjoy showing off their talent. He then, making sure that no one will ever find the bodies, uses the sharp end of his cane to create a portal in any tree to his world. Since his power has diminished he can only take them to one single room, the only exit being the door. It is a room filled with stuffed animals and hats where a tea party is set up, but the kettles are filled with playing cards instead of tea. The animals proceed to use the playing cards to perform and while the victim is distracted by them, he exits the possessed human body. In his true form, he absorbs their souls and leaves their lifeless bodies to the rat and the hare.

Targets To Killing: Anyone, but mostly children and young teens, since they are the most easily deceived. 

~If he finds someone he finds interesting, he will play a card game with them, and if they win, he lets them go with one of the animals, otherwise he proceeds to kill them. The animal then proceeds to kill off the entire household one by one, leaving the victim to suffer last. He teaches them the lesson of not trusting strangers. That is their reward for winning.

Motto(s): “Keep your fingers crossed and make a wish.” 


About the Bird 

~ He cannot fly with his wings, but he can glide
~ Over a period of time, from days to weeks, if water destroys a piece of his body, it will regenerate
~ The tips of his feathers are tinted a green color
~ He emanates a deathlike soot, that will cause someone to catch his disease if they inhale too much of it
~ It can turn into a shadow on the ground, but he becomes more vulnerable this way
~ His face is within the beak and a snakelike tongue protrudes from it.
~ He walks silently

About the Animals


Full Name: Morris Harebell (Hare) and Cambric Ratafee (Rat)

Meaning of name: Morris and Cambric are types of fabric. Harebell is a flower and Ratafee is a liquor. 

Nickname(s): Mr. Hare and Mr. Rat

Creepypasta Name: The Jumping Rat and the Valentines Hare

How Did They Get This Name and Why: The Jumping Rat was named because he has feet like that of a jumping mouse, so I named him the Jumping Rat. The Valentines Hare was named after it's chocolate fur and pink color.

Gender: Males

Age: 528 (Hare) and 412 (Rat)

Date of Birth: Unkonwn

Place of Birth: Unknown

Race/Species: Parasidic Rat and Hare

Native language: The Hare is the only one who can speak fluently, but the Rat cannot speak, just as Patches does not. The Hare was his first creation and inherited more strength than the other two and was able to learn speech.

CP/Horror OC: Patches the Rabbit and the Giver by Grismalice (From the horror story: Patches.)


Phobia(s): Adult humans, their master, cars and the road, birds of prey and any predator in general

Habits: The Rat likes to nip at his own tail often and he has a frequent twitch in his right eye. He also has a habit of jumping around and twitching uncontrallably. The Black Trumper assumes that he's merely excited. The Hare is more relaxed, but he tends to scratch his ear often as well.

Powers/Special Abilities: The same as Patches the Rabbit. They're the same species as she, so they too, can climb into the human bodies and tear them from the inside out.


Height:  0' 7'' (Hare) 0'' 6' (Rat)

Weight: Less than a pound

Hair color: Brown (Hare) Black (Rat)

Eye color: Red

Clothing/Style: The Hare wears an overcoat given to him by Raven and black top hat with dice dots printed on them. He has burgundy and pink patches covering his body. His paws and the tips of his ears are covered in big patches. The Rat is covered in dozens of blue and dark purple patches. He has white paws and white button eyes. The insides of his ears are lined with black
and white stripes. His tail protrudes from the back of the stuffed animal. He wears a white top hat.

Weapon(s): Their claws and their teeth. 

Physical Disorder/Disability: The Rat has a torn ear. Their bodies, unlike any other animal, can squish into small spaces, and their bones twist to flatten themselves completly. This can sometimes cause them pain after.


Overall: The Rat is a violent creature, more violent than Patches and the Hare. He has a growing jealousy of the Hare, since the Hare is Raven's first and favorite creation. He often attempts to get into fights with the Hare, but hasn't succeeded. The Hare is calm and patient. He has high standards and is picky about his victims. If someone looks disgusting to him, he will not even attempt to attack them. He doesn't really like his master or the Rat. He wants a more refined master to fit his personality. He's only sticking around Raven and the Rat until he finds a better master. Hopefully, that's soon.

Likes: The Rat loves the taste of blood, even his own. The Hare doesn't like much. He doesn't enjoy performing in front of his victims though, even if he's going to kill them afterwards.

Dislikes: They hate each other and Patches the Rabbit.

Flaws: They are small animals, so if a large animal decides to attack them while they're out in the field (like a dog or a cat), they can only hope they're stronger than them and can tear them from the inside out.

Pet Peeve: The Rat doesn't care about much. He rather not have an opinion on simple things. The hare despises when the Rat scratches himself over the table.

*If Raven sends them with someone interesting, they proceed to find the most threatening people in the household and kill them off from the inside first, then they quickly move onto the next (if there is any), then they end with the one who they found interesting or more often times than not, leave them there to grieve.

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